Skai Jackson is toxic, and here’s why.

Skai Jackson is an American actress, YouTuber, and author, who was included in Time’s list of Most Influential Teens in 2016. Skai has an account on twitter which claims to post legitimate ‘receipts’ containing racist comments. When she posts these ‘receipts’ her followers will proceed to attempt to cancel the person connected to the post.

Skai will ask people to send in ‘receipts’ which more than often are screenshots of alleged racist posts made on social media platforms[1].

Not only is this dangerous and potentially detrimental to the people who genuinely have not made the alleged posts, It is also open to abuse from the far-left who wish to cancel anyone who does not fit with their political narrative[2].

Skai has also doxxed individuals who at the time were minors[3]. UPDATE: The minor who was doxxed has been expelled from school. Can this washed up ‘celebrity’ get any lower?

Anyone can potentially fall victim to fake screenshots sent in by people who disagree with their views, here’s how.

Take a random photo from said person’s social media.
Add racist/controversial snapchat texts over said photo.
Either send it to Skai, Tag any other left-wing social media user, or post to a left-wing subreddit etc.
More than likely it will go viral and said person will be cancelled and their life ruined with zero fact checking done.
It really is that easy to cancel people in 2020.

Here is a link to a post where Skai is called out for posting what is essentially fake news ( (

Not only does this sort of behaviour set a dangerous precedent that anyone for any reason can have themselves cancelled with zero context or fact checking done, It can and will ruin innocent people’s lives just because they do not prescribe to the far-left ideology.

But I guess if this is the case, that images that may or may not have been faked can be used as gospel with zero fact checking, Can we cancel Skai Jackson now? [4]

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[4] ( (Image

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