Racial segregation, Only in CHAZ!

How long the Black-Out going for?
Till’ 8PM
Okay, so… I have to wait till’ 8PM basically?
You’re welcome to hang out in the perimeter area
The thing is, I’m half colombian half Italian, so do I get a pass to get in there, or…?
Well this space right now is held for just black people (…)

Transcript from video

Segregation should be a thing of the past, It is wrong to be profiled based on race and to be denied access to place/areas. I would absolutely be saying this is any other race did this to another, We are all one in Jesus Christ.

Are we supposed to believe the CHAZ/CHOP is a force for good? Next they’ll be literally assaulting, choking, and deporting people for wrong think… Oh… Wait

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