Infuriating Indians, whites, and more gains Priyamvada Gopal promotion.

Remember the article we posted yesterday? and the other concerning the double standards of Cambridge University? In a recent turn of events Cambridge University have given Priyamvada a full professorship.

While we absolutely disagree with people sending hate mail and threats to Priyamvada we are in absolute shock that following her recent racist tirade that she has been given a promotion from the University of Cambridge. Twitter have since deleted the original tweet in question, Which can be found here –

She recently called to abolish all Brahmins and Upper Castes, Which infuriated a fair few members of the Indian community

As for her recent call to abolish whiteness, citing white lives dont matter, she infuriated not only white people, but Indians too. Many Indian twitter users said that as Indians, she does not speak for them.

In 2018 she was victim of alleged racial profiling.

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