Labours latest political stunt

What is opposition day?

An opposition day is a day in a legislature using the Westminster system in which an opposition party sets the agenda. Most days the parliamentary agenda is set by the government; opposition days allow the smaller parties to choose the subject for debate. The number of days varies between parliaments. In the United Kingdom there are twenty opposition days per parliamentary session.

What happened?

MPs voted against Labour’s opposition day motion on routine weekly Covid-19 testing for NHS and care workers by 344 votes to 198.

What does this mean?

Nothing – It was an Opposition Day Motion that had no power in law and would not have made any difference to the welfare, safety, or salaries of anyone working in the NHS Its sole purpose was to misguide the electorate. The only time that an Opposition party can actually make a law and change something is when an amendment to a Bill is passed in Parliament. Opposition Days are merely an opportunity to make a point.


But as usual, The supporters of the opposition fell for the bait, That goes without saying though.

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