Even the Africans are tired of your shit.

Don’t bring a knife to a shitposting fight with the Africans

In a recent event on the 23rd of June, One twitter user posted the following.

The African/Black American/European community are so used to modern luxuries that the average African can live without, This infuriated lots of the African community.

They haven’t fallen for the Black Lives Matter hoax either.

In a recent video posted online, an African American claims that an African isn’t black, and is racially profiling him… When in reality the African Security Guard is in fact just patrolling the store

This infuriated a large amount of twitter users from Africa

African/Black American/European seem to be one of the more hateful groups, They don’t want to identify their own people, even going as far to claim that they aren’t black – Creepy Joe Biden also said this!

African/Black American/European hate all people equally, Latinos, Asians, Africans, White, you get the gist.

Whereas Africans are probably one of the most tolerant peoples on Gods earth, in 2018 the Zulu King hit out at the government back land seizures from white farmers.

In 2018 after realising the errors of his way Mugabe begged for white farmers to come back to Zimbabwe

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