Statue of Emperor Constantine being ‘looked at’ following complaints

 The Archbishop of Canterbury called for a review of controversial monuments. 
The statue in question

He commented in the wake of global Black Lives Matter protests said “some will have to come down” but that it is not his decision and that monuments would be put “in context”.

York Minster is apparently reviewing the statue of Emperor Constantine, after they received complaints that the Emperor Constantine supported slavery. 

In reality the slavery of the ancient world was VERY different to the slavery that ‘Black Lives Matter’ talk about. Slavery in roman times came from conquest of regions and nations, irrespective of race. If this is the case, and they do not care about the CONTEXT of the time period Emperor Constantine ruled in, They then should remove the pyramids and so on and so forth. After all, I have seen many a African America claim they came from a line of Egyptian royalty… Newsflash, the Egyptians enslaved the Jewish people – BUT I THOUGHT WHITES INVENTED SLAVERY????

This comes just over a year since a Church of England church in Darlington (of which the Archbishop of Canterbury is the most senior cleric) offered to cover up the cross of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for local Muslims to use the facilities for prayer. (link) Islam is rife with slavery, even in modern times you only have to look at Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar to name a few. You do not even need to look that deep, Qatar hosts of the 2022 world cup have been using slaves to build stadiums to host world cup games (link).

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