The boomers strike back

Democrat voting boomers forced to get our their guns after protest spill over into gated community

Gateway Pundit Cassandra Fairbanks point out the following, “In this livestream footage you can clearly see the STL black lives matter mob entered through the gate to a private community. This was not a public sidewalk.”

Seeing as they were trespassing . If the homeowner had reasonable fear of death or grave bodily harm he could have unloaded his rifle on them.

Soon after the video went viral Rachel Gonzalez (Gonzalez started out as a volunteer for the Clinton campaign and helped in Iowa, Kansas and Missouri) doxxed the two individuals who had every right to bear arms at these protesters who at the time were trespassing on a private gated community.

You can see here that Rachel willingly doxxed both of them


Unfortunately for Rachel she had a taste of her own medicine when the online community of 4chan published her home address and phone number online. She thoroughly deserved the doxxing in my opinion, It only takes a few clicks to find the information for yourself.

She has sinced privated all of her social media.


Also it seem that Kyle Dennis attempted to doxx them too, Only to be met with a doxx on himself, Ha ha ha. (Link to his page at William Jewell college where he is ‘director of debate’

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