Beijing passes national security law for Hong Kong

It will effectively curtail protests and freedom of speech.

Hong Kong was handed back to China from British control in 1997, but under a special agreement that guaranteed certain rights for 50 years.

This comes with great concern from many Hong Kong nationals who fear their country will be no more.

Democratic Party leader Wu Chi-wai has said that he woulddefy a police ban on Wednesday’s “handover day” march.

He will be joined by Figo Chan, of the Civil Human Rights Front, who urged people to take to the streets, saying: “We are aware of the risks of being prosecuted. But we insist on taking the lead, as we want to tell Hongkongers not to fear.”

The UK Government must step in over this and hold China accountable, The people of Hong Kong will be silenced by the communist powers of China.

Dominic Raab expressed “deep concern” at the reports the law had been passed, saying: “This would be a grave step.”

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