Seattle Police Closing In On CHAZ/CHOP

Livestreams of CHAZ/CHOP show police moving in on the communist hellhole

This comes after a long string of shootings in the so called ‘CHOP/CHAZ’ of which one ended in the killing of two innocent civilians.

In a post on the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog they detail the shooting

“SPD announced that the victim who died was 16 years old. People at the scene said the vehicle that was shot up near the camp had been seen earlier in the morning opening fire on tents in Cal Anderson. SPD the 14-year-old is considered a “Victim” at this time. Police say it is presumed both people shot were in the truck.”

It is a sad day when the lives of two innocent people aged 14 and 16 were taken by the hands of the ‘community utopia society’ of the so called ‘CHAZ/CHOP’ My thoughts go the families of these young people.

You can read more on the gun violence in the so called ‘CHAZ/CHOP’ on the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog HERE, I will also post a quick run down off their site.


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