Meet the satanist Marina Abramovic.

Background: Satan summoning his Legions
Foreground: The satanic witch Marina Abramovic and Lord Rothschild, the most powerful man on the planet.

I am guessing many of my readers will have no heard of this absolutely demonic being called Marina Abramovic, in this article I will tell you a bit about her. She hides her occultism behind the thin veil of ‘art’.

She has links with the podesta brothers who are involved in pizzagate (story on that another time) Her satanic ‘art’ is what is being pushed on to the youth of today.

In the 2016 wikileaks email dump, e-mails between herself the podesta brothers surfaced inviting them to a ‘spirit cooking dinner’

Even though these aren’t human bones, probably cow – What sick person does this?

More will be added to this in the coming days.

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