Extorting and admitting to blackmail – Meet Braden Fields

Two wrongs DO NOT make a right.

Braden Fields who was insulted by a drunk white woman who called him a ‘nigger’ has been caught trying to extort said woman for sex. In tweets both Braden and the woman in question have posted it details this horrible act. I do not promote the use of racial slurs and the woman in questions should face consequences, however public beatings are not the soultion.

Braden, who then set a gang of his ‘friends’ upon said woman (probably because he is too much of a sissy to do his own dirty work) recorded the incident. (Archived – https://archive.vn/zWsGc_

Once he posted the video, he then proceeded to message said woman

Anyone with a brain can see from his messages his ‘arrangements’ would’ve been sexual, this is not only a crime but is extremely disgusting. Two wrong DO NOT make a right, the fact that after all the things he did to this woman (including getting her fired) he has the cheek to do this? Disgusting.

You can find information about Braden Fields on the whitepages.com
whitepages.com Braden Fields Columbus-OH

He was even silly enough to post his personal phone number on twitter.


Extorting people for sex is a crime, if you wish, you can report him to his local police department.

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