Why is Wayfair selling a $14,599 sofa?

On Friday a twitter user that goes by the handle @RobertS15683788 posted a video to Twitter of a sofa on the Wayfair site which costs an astonishing $14,599. Upon adding this to the cart and heading to checkout the website had mysteriously added a name in the details field. This is where it gets weird. The name that was auto-filled was Precious Harris who has been missing since the 30th of April 2020 from Cincinnati. Now, why would a very expensive sofa lead the site to auto-fill her name into the details box?

Screenshot from the video.

Many people are thinking this could be related to a child trafficking network in the United States, It wouldn’t be too far fetched to think either.

Make of it what you will, it is VERY suspicious, the number of news outlets which have covered this seems to me like damage control. Why else would anyone cover a ‘batshit conspiracy theory’ which hasn’t even gone that viral? The video is below and also linked here in case they take it down.

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