Meet the ‘Patriotic Alternative’

They believe that you cannot be British unless you are WHITE.

Mark Collett – Laura Towler

Last night I watched the debate with Rikki Doolan and Laura Towler on the British Lives Matter YouTube page, and that is why I am writing this piece now.

Laura, who believes that the Jewish people do not have a right to their homeland of Israel, believes that you simply cannot be British unless you are WHITE. That is absolute nonsense. While the British Isles does have a native population of White British, this also includes many different British people. I think Laura forgets that while we British ruled over 25% of the world, in 99% the people of these lands were considered British. While they may not all share ancestry of the British Isles, they are still British.

It is silly to say that people cannot be British due to the colour of their skin. In the debate Rikki questioned Laura as to whether Rio Ferdinand was British, to which she answered NO. Sorry Laura, but you are very, very wrong. Rio, who was born in Camberwell, England and has represented England on the national stage 81 times is British by BIRTH in these lands.

The Patriotic Alternative was founded by Mark Collett, a self professed neo-nazi. Collett featured in a Channel 4 documentary on the BNP – Young, Nazi and Proud – broadcast in 2002 which concentrated almost exclusively on Collett in which he declared his admiration for Adolf Hitler unaware he was being recorded.

Mark, Laura, and the Patriotic Alternative have no place in British Politics. Neo-Nazism is a vile and horrible thing, and the Patriotic Alternative should be taken as a threat to the state, much like other groups.

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